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Beauty Star Inc. / dba Smiling Home was founded in Los Angeles in 2011.

Main_Logo copy2Smiling Home 

Is our product brand name registered in USA.

We pride ourselves for being a leading wholesale source of: SMILING HOME Brand quilts, Borrego blankets, fleece throw blankets, curtains, sheets etc. From our modest beginning to now, we have grown to have our wholesale store (10,000 square feet) located Downtown Los Angeles.

Our facility has comfortable environment for customers to visit.


For us, customers come first-therefore; every possibility is maximized to deliver guaranteed customer satisfaction. We welcome and take into consideration the suggestions from our clients. They have helped us reach important goals faster, helping us to serve them in a more professional  and improved way, every time.

We are a client centric company therefore every possibility is taken to deliver maximum customer satisfaction. We welcome the suggestions from our client that can help us to serve them in a more professional and better way.